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Back from my Break

Posted by EmpressBridle - September 1st, 2019

After a month long break i am back. That month was tuff for me for reasons i dont wanna go into depth with. Just know that its getting better. On the good side i made my first artpack with some very talented artists. Managing such a thing was by far not an easy task but i am glad i was able to learn from it. For the next time i have many things that i will consider when planning something for the future.

Also on the other hand i have been rethinking my patreon and from this day on i focus less on patreon as a permanent commission spot but a place where i will upload the many edits that i have planned to do. Also i will move down from 1 month exclusivity back to 2 Weeks. But i will only release one version of the pic to public, for the sake of not becoming stale with lets say only clothed edits i will alternate the versions i upload. So for example the first pic this month will be avaiable to public in 2 weeks and i release a barely clothed edit to the public. The rest of the 5 edits will be patreon exlusiv.

Also i am planning on releasing artpacks for every month that contain the content of the month before. An example would be at the end of september i make the august pack avaiable to purchase with all the pics and edits i made thru that time in high quality. I decided for this as i thought many people stay away from patreon because they need a credit card. Which i can understand so this packs will be a nice way to support me but still get something for it.

I also want to thank all the people that have sticked thru this hard time with me. Expect some great art from me in the future ^^.